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    Refund And Cancellation

    Matrixtechub a Subsidiary of Vbridge Solutions Offers refund for any features or functionality or file which is not as described in the website,malfunctioning of features and functionality or website pages etc.

    Before requesting a refund from Matrix Tec Hub

    Always there is Huge difference between a error message and malfunctioning of the website,incorrect setup, wrong update,Error message may be due to configuration , We design and deliver websites based on pages that is tested in our in-house server. Refund is initiated if you are not satisfied about the service or if there is Huge delay in delivering the web development project or if you have dropped the plan of developing the website.

    In case of online transaction the amount will be refunded once after deducting the number of working hours worked on the project along with if any images purchased on behalf of the clients.Although all our websites are tested by our quality team and confirmed by clients before moving live,the refund will be issued to the clients in full without any compensations or reimbursements but only payment gateway charges cannot be refunded.

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